International Truck Engines

International S13

This fully integrated system delivers superior operating economy without compromising on weight or performance.

13L | 370-515 HP | 1250-1850 LB-FT

Available in: 
LT Series | RH Series | HX Series

International S13 Integrated Power Train

International A26

It's lighter, quieter and more fuel-efficient than any other engine before it. 

12.4L | 365-515 HP | 1250-1850 LB-FT

Available in:
LT Series | RH Series | HV Series | HX Series

International A26 Engine

Cummins X15

Industry-leading proprietary design is four to six times stronger than previous designs for improved durability.

400-605 HP | 1450-2050 LB-FT

Available in:
LT Series | HX Series

Cummins X15

Cummins B6.7

Unquestionable confidence, power, and durability come standard with this best-selling, medium-duty engine.

Available in:
MV Series | HV Series

Cummins B6.7 Engine

Cummins L9

Proven Performance brings best-in-class power density for outstanding fuel economy, reliability, and longevity. 

260-380 HP | 720-1250 LB-FT

Available in:
MV Series | HV Series

Cummins L9 Engine