The International CV Series

The only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks. That means the CV Series includes commercial-grade features like a heavy-duty, gear-driven transfer case, a single, high-strength frame rail, an available air ride rear suspension, a forward-tilting hood with easy-to-reach maintenance points, 700 ft-lb of reliable torque and a long list of details only found on a true commercial truck. And best of all, the CV Series is supported by the largest commercial dealer network in the industry with more dedicated truck bays and diesel technicians than anyone else. Smart, capable and strong, the CV Series is ready to take your business to the next level.

CV Series Specifications

4x2: 16,000-23,500 lbs
4x4: 17,500-23,000 lbs
CV515: 115" BBC, 34" BA
Cab Configurations
Regular Cab
Crew Cab
High Strength, Low Alloy Steel 50,000 PSI
Wheelbase Options
Axle Configurations
4x2, 4x4
Front Axle/Suspensions
4x2: (Dana Spicer) 6,000 – 8,000 lbs
4x4: (Dana Spicer) 7,500 lbs
Rear Axle
Single Rear Axle
Dana Spicer: 10,000 – 15,500 lbs.
Rear Suspension
Spring, Vari-Rate: 11,000 – 15,500 lbs
Air, International Ride Optimized Suspension (IROS): 12,000 – 15,500 lbs (4x2 only)
(2) Batteries: 1100 – 1300 CCA
(3) Batteries: 2250 CCA
Denso: 150 – 220 amps
Exhaust System
Horizontal, Frame Mounted, Right Side Under Cab
Tailpipe-Wheelbase greater than 141”: Straight tailpipe, exits right or available
left side ahead of rear axle
Tailpipe-141” Wheelbase: Over rear axle, exits behind rear axle
Brake System
Hydromax with Traction Control and Four Channel ABS
Bosch: S2 8014 Plus
Fuel Tanks
Single, Rectangular 25 Gallon, Mounted Between Rails Forward of Rear Axle
Single, Rectangular 40 Gallon, Mounted between Rails Behind Rear Axle
Dual, Rectangular 25 Gallon and 40 Gallon
International 6.6L: 350 hp @ 2700 RPM, 700 lbft of torque
Allison 6-speed: 1700, 1750, 2700 Series
Available Vocational Codes: HS, RDS, EVS, MH
Available Transmission-mounted, Right Side (requires PTO-equipped transmission)
Transfer Case (4x4)
Meritor: 3203, 2-speed, Gear Drive, 3,000 lb.-ft. Capacity with Electric Shifting Controls, with optional skid plate
Base Chassis Warranty: 3/36k
Base Engine Warranty: 5/100k
Transmission Warranty: 5/Unlimited