Fuel Savings of 10% or More at Highway Speeds

Peterson is proud to be a preferred supplier of Nose Cone® aerodynamic add-on solutions. Nose Cone has been proven to be the most effective frontal aerodynamic treatment available for trucks and trailers of all kinds. Windy days, passing vehicles, and highway speeds all can directly effect efficiency and control. Nose Cone® virtually eliminates all those wind related issues and more!


Crosswinds: Only Nose Cone can deflect wind from all angles. Its scientifically proven design steers the wind to flow efficiently around the box. Nose Cone keeps the wind from steering the box and manages efficient airflow and maximum fuel economy.

Less Drag: Nose Cone addon-on solutions for truck bodies are wind tunnel certified, to reduce aerodynamic drag 32%. Scientifically designed to consistently lower drag in real world conditions.


More Power: Less drag, less demand for power. Nose Cone saves during accelerations are reaches 32% reduction in demand at 55 mph. Power on reserve allows the engine to run more efficiently and use less fuel.

Increased MPG: Nose Cone saves on average 7% in fuel. The actual savings can be higher, depending on driver habits, average speeds, wind conditions and weight. The lighter the load the bigger the savings. 

Improved Handling: Improving the airflow around the truck makes a for smoother ride. Drivers enjoy less wind buffeting, quieter cab, and improved stability. Giving you and your drivers the peace of mind of a smooth ride. 


Certified to Save: Nose Cone is certified by wind tunnel analysis to lower drag in truck and box combinations 32%. Reducing frontal pressure and steering the wind to flow efficiently around the box, Nose Cone performance cannot be beat. Cheating the wind out of its fuel robbing power, Nose Cone is the solution to keeping the wind under control.

Seventy percent of the total drag is due to the frontal area of the vehicle, making Nose Cone the ideal choice for optimizing box aerodynamics. Starting the airflow right at the front of the box saves 7% in fuel on average, with higher savings under windy conditions. The bigger the body the sooner aerodynamic drag exceeds the rolling demand, making Nose Cone a wise investment even for P&D operators. 


Green Initiatives: New Tuff-R plastic models available for lasting crush resistant durability, and full recyclability.