Money Saver!

An average truck could cost you $80 a day in gas. By installing a Nose Cone, the aerodynamic design can save you up to 5%. If you were to take that savings and apply $1 a day for less than two years, you could pay off your Nose Cone in no time at all. But why stop there?! Train your drivers to earn double the savings, up to 10%. Nose Cone is the solution you can bank on!




One Step Closer To Going Green!

For every gallon of diesel burned, 22.4 pounds of carbon dioxide are released.

Nose Cone can help reduce this by improving mileage. When the truck gets better mileage per gallon, less fuel is needed to go the distance, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released.

Fuel Savings with Nose Cone Infographic




Reduce America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

Consuming less fuel can help eliminate the dependence of foreign oil.

With a combination of the stronger fuel efficiency standards and investments in cutting edge technologies, we can provide solutions to reduce the use of oil.


Did You Say More Power?

Nose Cone improves aerodynamics. This reduces drag which will lead to more speed and improvement in fuel economy.

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