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Dedicated Maintenance is a service for customers who choose to own their vehicles. When customers use the Idealease Dedicated Maintenance program, they pass all maintenance responsibilities to industry experts. Idealease schedules preventative maintenance intervals, tracks repair history, and performs all normal maintenance for the length of the contract.

All maintenance is performed at Idealease Priority Service locations. Priority Service ensures that customers never have to wait in line for repairs, which helps eliminate costly downtime. Another benefit of dedicated maintenance is its consistent billing structure. Customer costs are fixed from month to month, so maintenance expenses can be accurately forecast far into the future.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is the practice of performing maintenance proactively instead of reactively. Idealease tracks PM intervals and contacts customers and drivers when vehicles are due for service. Oil and lubricant testing and analysis are also performed to maximize the useful life of the vehicle.

Mobile Service is available to Idealease customers. Specially equipped service vehicles travel to customer locations to perform routine maintenance on-site. Idealease Mobile Service results in reduced vehicle and driver downtime and the convenience of not having to send trucks and drivers to our location each time repairs are needed.

Mobile Service trucks come equipped with:

  • Lights, Signals
  • Welding Equipment
  • Air and Power Supply
  • On-hand Parts Inventory
  • Oil, Lube, Cooling Supply
  • Trailer Connection Testing
  • Refrigeration Tools & Parts
  • Quick Connects to prevent spillage
  • Fully Equipped Technicians Toolbox
  • Built to be Environmentally Sensitive
  • Belts, Filters, Wiper Blades, Bulbs, etc.
  • Tire Pressure and Laser Alignment Tools
  • Laptop Computer to Perform Diagnostics
  • Exterior Lights for Nighttime Maintenance Work


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