Care and Responsibility:

Are Drivers Adhering to Equipment and Safety Best Practices?

By Teresa Dias


Accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment are a direct result of inadequate attention to safety and maintenance requirements. Organizations incur huge financial losses every year due to entirely preventable failures to observe the standards of care. Due to the nature of the work, members of the public are often affected, both physically and financially. All too often, the expensive and injurious effects of inattention to standards could have been avoided by rigorous, mindful adherence to industry best practices.

The concepts and real-world examples described in this paper will provide you with information you need to minimize loss, damage, and injury while operating expensive equipment. By applying this information, you will help to eliminate problems and unnecessary expenses. This guide can serve as a reference and starting point for working as a team to ensure that we are doing all that we can in the interest of care and safety.