Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation is now standard on all school bus models. Peterson and IC Bus are committed to delivering your precious cargo on time, every time. And as part of our continued investment in safety and industry-leading technology, we’re proud to announce that as of July 17th, all our CE Series and RE Series school bus models will include Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation as standard equipment. IC Bus is also the only OEM to offer collision mitigation technology with active as well as passive safety features, reflecting the most robust collision mitigation offering in the industry.


IC Bus Electronic Stability Control

Working with a variety of vehicle sensors to monitor the status of the chassis, IC Bus ESC can adapt and anticipate to potential loss of control and rollover events on a variety of surfaces. The system can intervene by selectively applying vehicle brakes or de-throttling the engine if necessary to assist the driver should the vehicle become unstable. Electronic Stability Control works on a variety of surfaces, ranging from rain all the way to snow and ice.


IC Bus Collision Mitigation Technology

We know how critical safety is to our customers, which is why IC Bus is the only OEM that offers active and passive collision mitigation. Our Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ system uses an enhanced camera together with radar capable of providing lane departure warnings, speeding alerts, and automatic braking if there are stationary vehicles detected in the vehicle’s path. Alerts are prioritized for the driver in the event that multiple alerts occur simultaneously.