What is Certified Pre-owned?

All certified pre-owned trucks are used, but not all used trucks are certified pre-owned. Peterson Trucks offers a wide selection of high-quality used trucks for sale, but International Certified Pre-Owned sets the bar for reliability.

When you buy International Certified Pre-Owned, you’re getting a truck or tractor that’s backed by warranty protection, thorough inspections, and other extras you won’t find on your average used commercial vehicle.

The International Certified Pre-Owned Program offers some of the highest value on the used truck market with a warranty that’s nothing short of industry-leading. Every International Certified Pre-Owned truck is backed by the following benefits:

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Checklist Certified

The International Certified Pre-Owned program stands behind every reconditioned unit and ensures customer confidence and peace of mind as each unit must pass a vehicle history report and comply with the 175+ point checklist which has been specifically designed for the International A26, N13 and Cummins ISB, X15, ISX engines.

Medium Duty:

Model year 2015 or newer International DuraStar® 4300 models powered by the Cummins ISB engine, with less than 300,000 miles are eligible for the International Certified Pre-Owned program.

Heavy Duty:

Model year 2016 or newer International LT®, RH®, ProStar®, TranStar® and LoneStar® models powered by International A26 and N13 along with Cummins X15 and ISX engines, under 600,000 miles and up to 475 horsepower are eligible for the International Certified Pre-Owned program.

Sample International Certified Pre-Owned Checklist

assumes the truck has the standard dry van box

1 Verify this unit passes a Carfax or Rig Dig Vehicle History Report: Review for major accident, frame damage or branded title

2 Run Vehicle Health Report - Check for fault codes and repair - Review prior health reports and warranty history for past issues

3 Check the Service Portal and Rapid Serve for open AFC’s and complete

4 Check the Service Portal Rapid Serve for all open recalls and complete

5 Replace the DEF Supply Module (DEFSM) filter

6 Remove the DEF injector for inspection and cleaning. Perform the DEF pump override test as described in the engine diagnostic manual. Ensure no drips or nonsymmetrical spray is observed and 100ml of DEF is delivered in 6 minutes. If spray pattern or low flow don’t meet specs, replace the injector.

7 Remove the DPF for visual inspection. Look for contamination and damage, replace as needed. Bake and clean the DPF. Once cleaned, reset the soot load to zero

8 Perform a stationary regen and monitor temperatures. Ensure the system reaches operating temperature and readings are not inverted

9 Vehicle key operation - ensure all locks and ignition switch are the same key

10 Start engine - confirm instrument clusters and dash lights are operational; note warning lights, messages, and abnormal readings for follow up diagnostics

11 Fully apply and release brakes 10 times - to adjust the brakes

12 Check operation of low air warning buzzer and lights

13 Verify that dash parking brake valves pop out at 35 psi for brakes

14 Check neutral safety switch operation

15 Check radio operation & controls - Confirm all switches/buttons are in place

16 Check HVAC defroster & air vent operation

17 Check HVAC fan - check the blower on all speeds

18 Perform the A/C performance check. Hook up A/C manifold gauge set and record pressure readings. If the gauge pressures are below spec per IK1900156 continue diag, use a black light and inspect for leaks

19 Replace cabin air filter

20 Inspect windshield for chips, cracks or scratches. Replace if does not pass DOT standards. Repairs are permissible per DOT standards.

21 Windshield Wipers - check for proper operation of all wiper speeds. Windshield washer fluid sprays out of wiper nozzles. Check wiper blade condition.

22 Check horns are operational (air and electric)

23 Interior lights and switches - check that ALL interior lights and switches function properly

24 Check door jamb light switch rubber cover not torn and the dome light turns off when the door is closed

25 Check Steering Wheel - Assure the steering wheel is straight when the front wheels are straight

26 Check Steering Wheel - check all switches function properly and make sure switches illuminate when parking lights are on

27 Check door glass for chips and replace as needed

28 Check door weather stripping - no tears or rips

29 Check door window operation - up and down function properly

30 Check mirrors and controls - verify antennas and mount(s) are tight

31 Seat functions - check that all seat functions work properly

32 Seat Belts - seat belts are secured to the cab as well as the seats, seat belt receptacles lock, oriented in the correct location and that retractors function properly

33 Check floor mats for trip hazards and replace as necessary

34 Check ABS antilock monitor light

35 Check parking brake operation

36 Check for missing and spare fuses

37 Check for three DOT approved warning triangles

38 Check fire extinguisher expiration date and is installed securely

39 Check steering shaft seals / boots for rips and tears

40 Check DOT sticker validation

41 Drain engine oil and inspect fluid condition (e.g., Coolant/fuel contamination, sludge…)

42 Check all body & frame bracketry for damage

43 Check license plate holder

44 Check license plate light operation

45 Check headlights - High and Low beam operation

46 Check tail / stop lights operation

47 Check turn signals operation

48 Check marker lights operation

49 Check backup lights operation

50 Check emergency flasher operation

51 Check fuel fill cap(s) - inspect for anti-syphon screen is not damaged

52 Check batteries - confirm no corrosion and that voltage and CCA are in spec. Inspect for loose or missing battery hold downs

53 Check alternator - test output, connections and mounting hardware Repairs

54 Check battery cables - make sure battery cables are secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges

55 Check exhaust for leaks/soot tracing (e.g. exhaust manifold, flex pipe, aftertreatment) and that the stack is installed straight

56 Check exhaust for broken or loose clamps

57 Check exhaust brackets - proper installation

58 Check mud flaps for damage

59 Check splash guards for damage

60 Check trailer electrical cables

61 Check cab air ride system for leaks

62 Check work cargo light

63 Check all clearance and marker light are operational on the box

64 Check the box and ensure no leaks or holes in the roof, no major damage to walls or floor

65 Check the operation of the access ramp and grease the slides.

66 Check the operation of the rear door. The door should be easy to open and close. Lube the door tracks.

67 Check frame - inspect for cracks, broken welds, rust lines

68 Check cross members - inspect for cracks, broken welds, rust lines

69 Check pintle-hook locking operation

70 Check safety chain loops for damage

71 Check tires - Steer Tires, ensure both tires match tread pattern and depth. Drive Tires, ensure ALL drive tires match tread pattern and depth

72 Check rims - Inspect for missing or loose lug nuts and valve stem caps and that all valve stems are accessible

73-90 Check brake lining and/or pad wear, cracks and delamination - not below minimum spec - 14/32" Check brake drum diameter - not exceed manufacturers stated maximum diameter (not to exceed .120 over original diameter). Visual inspection of the drum friction surface - No grooves, pitting or uneven wear should be allowed Check tire tread - Steer Tires not below minimum spec 12/32" - ensure directional tires are mounted properly (arrows pointing in forward rotation) Second run casings not allowed, casings must not be over 7 years old. Drive Tires - not below minimum spec 12/32" - ensure directional tires are mounted properly (arrows pointing in forward rotation) Second run casings not allowed, casings must not be over 7 years old.

91 Pressure test cooling system & surge tank cap - inspect for leaks

92 Check fan shroud - inspect for cracks or ripped seals

93 Check radiator - inspect for leaks and for airflow obstructions

94 Test DCA (Diesel Coolant Additive) - confirm within proper Ph levels

95 Test freeze protection to at least -25*f

96 Check front cab to frame mounts for wear and damage

97 Check belts - check for dry rot and excessive cracking or missing ribs

98 Check hoses - check for dry rot and leaks (Low Temp Radiator hose has braided cover)

99 Check hose routing - secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges

100 Check wire routing - secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges

101 Reset air cleaner restriction gauge

102 Check air cleaner housing for cracks and proper sealing

103 Check air-to-air piping and clamping - inspect for loose clamps and leaks

104 Replace air cleaner element

105 Check starting system - check that starter terminal ends are tight and for excessive cranking time

106 Check steering shaft and u-joints - inspect for loose or worn parts

107 Check steering box mounting - check that steering gear box is securely mounted to the frame

108 Check pitman arm - look for missing bolts, nuts, cotter keys

109 Check drag link - look for missing bolts, nuts, cotter keys

110 Check power steering fluid level and quality

111 Top off washer fluid level

112 Drain water from fuel water separator and replace filter element

113 Replace secondary fuel filter

114 Change oil filter

115 Check engine for leaks

116 Check steering for leaks

117 Check differential(s) for leaks

118 Check transmission for leaks

119 Check engine mounting brackets are tight

120 Check transmission mounting brackets are tight

121 Check transmission oil level

122 Check driveline - check that drive lines are tight

123 Perform a Rolling toe Check

124 Check for loose or broken dry van box U-bolts and torque. Check for rotten wood

125 Check U-joints - check for missing u-joint straps and bolts

126 Check transmission for yoke play

127 Check differential(s) for yoke play

128 Check differential(s) oil level

129 Check springs - check that springs are secure

130 Check hangers - inspect for loose or missing U-bolts

131 Check shocks - inspect for leaks

132 Check tie rod ends - look for missing bolts, nuts, cotter keys (start truck turn left and right look for any play at tie rod ends)

133 Check air tank mounting and air line routing is secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges

134 Check air dryer - drain and observe for oil and water and replace the filter

135 Check brake rod travel - adjust as needed

136 Check ABS wiring and routing - secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges

137 Check wet line pumps and hose routing - secure and not chaffing or tied against sharp edges - if applicable

138 Install oil plug

139 Raise front axle - check king pins

140 Grease king pins following the "turn and load" procedure

141 Inspect steering axle wheel bearings and lubricate

142 Grease complete chassis - note number of zerk fitting greased

143 Detail interior

144 Major body damage needs to be repaired

145 Frame rails should be relatively free from corrosion and/or rust

146 Wheels and tanks (if visible) should be relatively free from corrosion and/or rust

147 Steam clean engine

148 Install safety kit if needed

149 Fill engine with oil and run, check level

150 Reset oil change light

151 Review check sheet and confirm necessary repairs are complete

152 Apply DOT sticker

153 Perform a quality control road test -- Test Drive form below

154 Complete the Certified Pre-Owned Registration Summary and submit for certification

1 Speedometer

2 Tachometer

3 Oil Pressure

4 Water Temperature

5 Voltmeter

6 Air pressure & system holds air pressure

7 Fuel gauge

8 DEF gauge

9 Optional gauges

10 Engine idle

11 Engine acceleration

12 Cruise control

13 Transmission operation

14 Noise, vibration and harshness

15 Braking

16 Steering - (does the truck pull or wander, wheel is straight)

17 HVAC performance

18 Run follow-up Vehicle Health Report to confirm repaired fault codes


International System1 Logo

90-Day Engine and Aftertreatment

Extended Factory Warranty Available

System1 is a warranty from the manufacturer that’s available with four tiers of protection. All Certified Pre-Owned International trucks come complete with an exclusive 90-day Driver’s Assurance System1 Warranty. System1 warrantied trucks also include aftertreatment and 100% parts and labor for added peace of mind during every journey and coverage during routine maintenance and truck parts replacements. This is just one of the many benefits of buying certified pre-owned.

Coverage Terms: 6 mo/50K mi/1800 hours
12 mo/100K mi/3600 hours
24 mo/200K miles/7200 hours

Coverage Includes:

  • Bearing, Camshaft
  • Bearing, Main
  • Bearing, Thrust
  • Bearing, Rod
  • Crankshaft
  • Crankcase
  • Cap & Rod, Main Bearing
  • Sleeve, Cylinder
  • Timing Gears or Chain & Injection Pump
  • Drive Gears

Coverage Details

Coverage Terms:
6 mo/50K mi/1800 hours
12 mo/100K mi/3600 hours
24 mo/200K miles/7200 hours

Coverage Includes:

  • Sensor, Mass Air Flow
  • Module, Electronic Control w/ Programming (ECM)
  • Pump & Gasket Assembly, Water
  • Rocker Arm Shaft & Bolts
  • Flywheel
  • Engine Sensor Harness
  • Manifold Assembly, Exhaust
  • Gasket, Cylinder Head
  • Lifter Valve
  • Cooler, Oil

Coverage Details

Coverage Terms:
6 mo/50K mi/1800 hours
12 mo/100K mi/3600 hours
24 mo/200K miles/7200 hourss

Coverage Includes:

  • Everything in Plus, plus:
  • Valve, Egr
  • Cooler, Egr
  • Turbocharger(s)
  • High Pressure Rail Assembly
  • Injector Unit (Electrical)
  • O-Ring, Injector Unit
  • Pump, Oil/Fuel (High PSI Injection System)

Coverage Details

Coverage Terms:
Can only be purchased in conjunction with the System1 Confidence Warranty

Coverage Includes:

  • Everything in Confidence, plus:
  • ACM (After Treatment Control Module)
  • Catalyst, SCR
  • Converter, Catalytic (Diesel Oxidation)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (Dpf)
  • Doser, Urea
  • Doser/Regeneration Fuel Injector
  • Harness, Aftertreatment Wiring
  • Sensor, Engine Out (Nox)
  • Sensor, Exhaust Out (Nox)
  • Sensor, Oxygen

Coverage Details


Stylized steering wheel

90-Day Certified Driver's Assurance Warranty

International Certified Pre-Owned units must be sold with the Factory System1™ 90-day Certified Driver’s Assurance Warranty, which includes aftertreatment coverage with a zero deductible, 100% parts and labor coverage and no mileage limitations.


Loves Card

6-Months Diamond Status

My Love Rewards - International Diamond Status

  • Free Drink Refills
  • Unlimited Showers
  • 4 Points per Gallon Fueled
  • Free Premium Wi-Fi
  • 8 Tire Pass Credits/Month
  • Earn 10 Points per Dollar On All Eligible In-Store Merchandise (Non-International Diamond Members Receive 4 Points per Dollar)


Roadside Masters.com Logo

1-Year Roadside Assistance


Every Certified Pre-Owned truck sold will have 1 year of roadside assistance provided. Navistar has partnered with Roadside Masters to be your national provider. Roadside Masters, the leader in Class 8 roadside services provides towing (up to 50 miles or 2 hours with the trailer) to an International dealer or Love’s location to utilize any active System1 service contract(s). Other services include fluid delivery, flat tire assistance, jump starts and many other services that may be needed.

  • Towing (up to 50 miles)
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Tire Replacement Assistance
  • Tire Repair Assistance
  • Mobile Mechanic Service
  • Fuel Delivery Service
  • Lock out Replacement Key Assistance
  • Jump Starts
  • Pull Starts
  • Replacement Battery Delivery
  • Replacement Part Delivery
  • Light Winching/Extricating Assistance
  • Discounted Hotel Stays
  • Engine Overhaul Financing ($500 coupon)
  • Lease Buyout Financing ($500 coupon)

Monthly Payment Plan:
$149.99 down payment + $49.99/mo for 11 months

Yearly Payment Plan:
$499/year - 1 Payment
$200 savings


OnCommand Connection Logo

2-Years Diagnostics and ELD

OnCommand Connection

Review Truck Health Reports include an easy-to-read list of calibration updates, fault codes, vehicle location and more.

Review Fault Code Action Plans describe fault severity recommended actions and repair instructions for the servicing dealer.

Interactive Mapping helps you locate your vehicle, dealer locations, service centers, customer locations, vendors and more.

Monitor In Real-Time using our smartphone app or on your desktop computer.

Create Custom Alerts Based on fault severity, report type and fault type. You control the frequency and timing.


OnCommand Repair Advocate Logo

1-Year Access & Monitor Repairs

OnCommand Repair Advocate

All Certified Pre-Owned units equipped with OnCommand™ Connection are available with OnCommand Repair Advocate — an expedited repair service which provides a dedicated team member to monitor repair progress, keep repairs on track and ensure drivers are updated on repair milestones and timing.


Rig Dig Logo and CarMax Logo

Truck History Report

Rig Dig and Carfax

Every International Certified Pre-Owned truck must pass a Rig Dig or Carfax vehicle history report as an additional check to review for major accident, frame damage or branded title. These conditions would make the truck ineligible for certification.