Service Manuals, Circuit Diagrams, and Schematics

OnCommand™ Service Information gives technicians access to the most up-to-date, VIN-based service and parts information. It’s a centralized source of essential service information to help improve vehicle repairs and maintenance, repair shop efficiency, technical knowledge and vehicle uptime.

It’s available to you as an annual subscription or you can purchase a USB* for a one-time fee. Annual subscriptions will automatically renew on January 1st.

Benefits & Features:

  • With a subscription, technicians can gain real-time, up-to-date VIN-based service and parts information for any International Truck.
  • Locate technical information by major component group, model, vendor, engine and feature code.
  • Service manuals and bulletins are illustrated and include repair, overhaul, troubleshooting tips and diagnostic information.
  • Documents and notes can easily be uploaded and attached per VIN.
  • The Service Tool catalog includes all essential tools for servicing International Trucks and MaxxForce engines.
  • Use the IKnow technical database to search service articles by entering symptom terms and/or descriptions.

*USB is programed with service manuals at the time of sale. If future service manuals come out, they will not be available on the USB. For these situations, an annual subscription is much better.

If this package is right for you, call us right away. Subscriptions are prorated and you may be able to take advantage of a midyear discount.

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