International 360 (I-360) is a groundbreaking service communications and fleet management platform that delivers seamless, transparent communications with the International service network, with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that supports all-makes fleets.

"We've listened carefully to fleets' input, and understand that the process of managing maintenance and repairs can be complex, challenging and time-consuming," said Friedrich Baumann, president, Aftersales. "Customers need a single, easy-to-use tool that improves visibility throughout the service process. With International 360, we're delivering a unified fleet management and service communications platform that maximizes uptime, reduces total cost of ownership and provides a best-in-class ownership experience."

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I-360 is the only OEM service communications tool that integrates service communications and remote diagnostics into one comprehensive solution. It is integrated with over 24 telematics service providers through the power of OnCommand® Connection, Navistar's advanced remote diagnostics platform, which gives fleets visibility into vehicle health, location data and more. It also has full integration capability with customers' existing fleet maintenance software providers, fleet management companies and other providers, so that customers can receive I-360 data through their existing systems. And, it is the only OEM service communications tool that supports all-makes fleets within one solution, with no per-VIN surcharges.

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Multiple User-Friendly Features

With its integrated approach, I-360 offers a number of benefits that support improved customer uptime and lower total cost of ownership:

Seamless, transparent communication.
International 360 provides up-to-date service status updates delivered through the portal, email, or integrated third-party system to keep fleets informed, along with a complete VIN-based service history and complete communication history for each repair order.

Ease of use.
Because it is compatible with all makes and all models, International 360 simplifies how customers manage their entire fleet. Custom APIs help fleets integrate International 360 data and communication streams into their existing fleet management systems. VIN-level data from these systems and other sources feeds into one unified source of information, accessed with one username and password. And with its simple, intuitive portal design, International 360 is easily accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers, using any major browser.

Improved asset utilization.
Integration with OnCommand Connection advanced remote diagnostics provides clear visibility to fault details, recommended repair plans, and more, helping to prioritize when and where vehicles get serviced. Meanwhile, access to the estimated time of completion allows fleets to better plan for vehicle pickup.

A faster, less costly repair process.
International 360 accommodates online service requests, communications, estimate approvals and more. Integrated parts inventory data helps fleets identify which dealer has the needed parts on hand. And customer profiles ensure the entire service network knows the unique service expectations of every fleet.

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The Latest in Navistar's Connected-Technology Innovations
International 360 is the latest in a series of innovations from Navistar that leverage connected technology to enhance the ownership experience for customers, including enhanced over-the-air programming and a next-generation factory-installed telematics device. The telematics device, which launched with vehicles built starting in July 2019, was developed through Navistar's global alliance with TRATON GROUP.

"We're proud of Navistar's ongoing, broad-based track record of leading the way on electronic service repair management," Baumann said. "We're also excited by our recent all-makes data that show Navistar is the industry leader in 24-hour repair velocity, an important contributor to customer uptime. It's time to use modern technology to bring customer service to the next level – and International 360 has been designed to do exactly that."

Fleet managers, dealers, assets, connected fleet providers, and vehicles are connected with International 360


Customers who have not yet moved their fleets to International 360 can do so by contacting Peterson Transportation Technology Representatives or by completing this form.