2+2 You’re Covered

Drive off the lot with more value and more coverage!

With every International pre-owned truck – 2014 – 2016 – powered by ISX or N13, you will receive a 2-year engine and aftertreatment warranty, along with a $2,000 International Advantage card – to cover 2 years of preventative maintenance.

Eligible Trucks:


Frequently asked Questions

  1. What do we do with the remaining engine warranty on the truck?
    • If original warranty is within 90 days or 20,000 miles of expiration, the new warranty will start at time of purchase
    • If orginal warranty is more than 90 days or 20,000 miles from expiration, the new warranty will start at the end of warranty period
  2. What if I only want a 1-year warranty?
    • The warranty is valid for two (2) years only.
  3. Can I cancel the warranty early and receive a credit?
    • No.
  4. Can I buy more warranty coverage after my 2/200k?
    • Yes, the customer can purchase additional warranty after the period has ended.
  5. Is there an inspection fee?
    • There is no inspection fee from NTP.
  6. Is the warranty transferrable?
    • Yes, the warranty can be transferred for a $100.00 fee.
    • The warranty can also be suspended for up to 6 months and then restarted. A $250.00 fee is charged when the warranty is restarted