Beyond Banking

Peterson Trucks and Our Team of Lenders have you Covered with Competitive & Flexible Financing Solutions

Enjoy ownership while building equity

  • Full payout loans
  • Level monthly payments with precomputed interest
  • Level principal reduction payments, with interest payments on declining principal balance
  • Skip payments to meet changing cash flow needs with seasonal business
  • Balloon financing alternatives to preserve monthly cash flow

Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease
Maximize Cash Flow with Lower Payments & Have End of Term Options

  • Predictable & affordable while preserving cash and credit lines for other uses
  • Customizable structures with maintenance, tax, title and registrations fees combined into one easy payment
  • At the end of the lease you have options - purchase the truck, extend the lease, or simply return the vehicle

TRAC Lease
You are in the Driver Seat

  • Allows you to estimate the residual value up front
  • Monthly payments based on the cost of the equipment and the agreed upon residual value


Contact Finance

Michelle Schwindt
Truck Finance Sales Associate
Peterson Trucks, Inc.

Phone: 510.618.5569