IC Bus 360 is a ground-breaking service communication and fleet management platform that accelerates the repair process, streamlines communication, is easy to use, and drives greater on time, every time delivery of students to and from school.


Maximizing Uptime.

Between repair costs and lost productivity, a day of downtime can cause major issues with route planning and on time pickups and drop-offs. IC Bus 360 can help minimize that downtime and boost fleet reliability.

Accelerating the Repair Process.

By optimizing the steps in the repair workflow, enabling instant online estimate approvals, finding the right-fit parts in dealer inventory and scheduling vehicle arrivals, IC Bus 360 helps get your buses back on the road.

Optimizing Asset Utilization.

Knowing when vehicle repairs will be complete is crucial to asset optimization and planning. IC Bus 360 keeps districts and contractors up-to-date on repair status, complete with an estimated time of completion, so your team can plan accordingly.