Transforming Fleet and Field Service Operations

Trimble Field Service Management (FSM) provides visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity, while providing service excellence with every job.

Key Benefits:

  • Fleet Management
  • Worker Safety
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Routing

Trimble PULSE

Trimble PULSE™ is a suite of end-to-end service management solutions that enable the delivery of field service excellence. Cloud-based and modular, it enables businesses performing mission-critical field service to transform the effectiveness of their work, workers and assets.

From service portals with advanced scheduling and optimization tools to customizable mobile applications and workflows, Trimble PULSE™ allows businesses to streamline efficiencies from the back office to the technicians out in the field.

Customers can choose from an extensive and flexible portfolio of capabilities that manage, schedule, mobilize and monitor their workforce, to match their individual requirements and depend on Trimble as a single provider for all their field service needs.

Trimble PULSE provides extensive support for the back office operations of a field service organization, allowing for streamlined business processes that are repeatable and predictable.

The capabilities allow businesses to manage their customers, calls, service contracts, estimates and work orders along with assets, inventory and billing, all from one place.

Trimble PULSE eliminates time-consuming manual processes, reduces room for inconsistencies and ensures that accurate data is shared across the entire business. In turn, this allows the whole business to respond quickly and seamlessly to deliver field service excellence.

    Trimble PULSE allows Dispatchers to automatically build and dispatch the most efficient schedule and stay on top of work as changes happen throughout the day. Its extensive range of scheduling, dispatch and optimization tools transform the utilization of a mobile workforce, allowing them to complete more jobs per day and in the most efficient way.

    Field service businesses can choose the level of automation they require to manage shifts, tasks, appointments and perform ‘what-if’ analysis on potential schedule changes.

    Trimble PULSE ensures that both planned and emergency service work is prioritized and completed first time, as quickly as possible in line with business goals such as keeping costs to a minimum or meeting SLAs.

    Trimble PULSE drives improved visibility and information sharing in the field, via out-of-the-box, configurable and customizable mobile applications.

    Fully scalable to meet business and workflow needs, it enables anytime, anywhere access to information and connects mobile workers to the back-office, customers and equipment in realtime, empowering the entire business to make better business decisions.

    As well as encouraging team collaboration and reliable, timely data capture, Trimble PULSE helps speed up time to invoice, tracks work progress throughout the day and enhances workflow compliance and standardization throughout the organization.

    Trimble PULSE offers field service organizations 360° visibility of their operations to help them locate, connect, monitor and maintain their fleet, assets, work and workers intelligently.

    Customers are able to manage their fleet of vehicles and assets, perform usage and utilization analysis as well as monitor performance, safety and compliance. Connecting and having access to all these elements on one platform allows productivity and efficiency to be maximized throughout the organization.


    Fleet Management

    Trimble Fleet Management provides businesses that manage fleets with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. On-demand information, activity reports and exception alerts enable intelligent business decisions to be made quickly in order to run the most efficient fleet possible.

    Benefits & Features:

    • Receive complete visibility of your entire fleet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a desktop or mobile device
    • Increase fleet productivity using real-time location intelligence 
    • Decrease fuel costs by reducing unauthorized vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding and lowering idling 
    • Manage maintenance schedules which reduce vehicle wear and tear, lowering the risk of mechanical failure
    • Identify activity that causes excessive carbon emissions such as speeding, excessive idling and route deviation
    • Improve fuel economy and reduce repair costs through proactive engine monitoring and maintenance

    Asset Tracking

    Trimble Asset Tracking is a flexible solution that offers complete visibility in to the location and utilization of your assets, from a convenient portal. Know where your towed assets are and how they are being used. Through on-demand and detailed activity reports, allow your business to better manage asset performance and costs.

    Benefits & Features:

    • Enables complete convenience with visibility in to asset usage and location in one place
    • Offers simple deployment with anytime, anywhere access
    • Allows vehicle fleet location to be viewed alongside assets for more effective assignment
    • Ensures maximum utilization of assets by monitoring productivity rates
    • Improves optimization by identifying idle and rarely used trailers to reallocate
    • Allows stolen assets to be located or unauthorized use to be identified through real-time alerts
    • Provides dependable, rugged hardware with quick and easy self-installation and removal


    OnCommand Connection

    If your fleet’s comprised of more than one make and model you’re probably using more than one remote diagnostic system. We decided to simplify remote diagnostics and make your job a little easier with OnCommand Connection™, the first and only all makes diagnostic system.

    Benefits & Features:

    • OnCommand’s Open Architecture connects to your various business systems and brings them together.
    • Diagnoses every make and model in your fleet while they’re on the road.
    • Get Action Plans for more than 18,000 engine and fault codes.
    • Prioritize needed repairs while avoiding unnecessary service visits.
    • Plot vehicle locations and find nearby dealers

    Live Access
    Monitor what’s going on with your entire fleet in real time, with multiple filters and direct links to other integrated applications, including our smartphone app.

    • Filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame.
    • View active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles.
    • Locate the dealership closest to your vehicle’s location.
    • “Favorite” certain vehicles to keep an extra-close eye on them.

    Health Report

    Consider this the condensed version of everything that’s going on with your vehicle. It’s an easy-to-lookat list featuring current fault codes and links to enable action when a serious issue exists.

    • Vehicle Info
    • Campaign Info
    • Fault Codes
    • Weather Info
    • Other Key Data Points

    Action Plan

    It’s not enough to get alerts about severe issues with your vehicles. You need a plan of attack. Our experts are here to help. With more than 18,000 action plans, we’ll recommend the best solution to getting your vehicle fixed and back on the road.

    • Simple Fault Code Descriptions
    • Fault Code Severity
    • Questions to Ask the Driver to Get a Better Understanding of the Issue
    • Links to Diagnostic Repair Info and Videos


    Interactive mapping helps you quickly locate your vehicle, plan solutions if repairs are needed, and most importantly, keep your business running.

    • Vehicle Location and Directions
    • Dealer Locations — All Makes
    • Locate Vendors, Hotels and Truck Stops
    • Customer Locations
    • Nearby Vehicles


    Create custom alerts based on fault severity, report type and fault type. Receive the info when you need it most

    • Build Reports by Severity Type and Duration
    • Control the Frequency and Timing

    OnCommand Repair Advocate

    There is nothing worse than not knowing how long it’s going to take to get your truck out of the shop. OnCommand Repair Advocate program gives you the power to monitor repairs, communicate with the repair facilities and the Repair Advocate team; improving overall communications and enabling you to more effectively manage your fleet operations.

    Benefits & Features:

    • Verify when the unit arrives at the authorized service location.
    • Review repair history as well as identify any open campaigns, recalls or calibration updates with the service location.
    • Attach a comprehensive Health Report about your vehicle to the online case file.
    • Monitor the case file and work with the service location to help coordinate repair support.
    • Coordinate Navistar parts, technical and field support, as needed.
    • Help facilitate timely communications and repair progress updates via the case file.

    OnCommand Service Partner

    There are two things you worry about when your trucks are in the shop: How long are they going to be out of commission and how much it’s going to cost. Worry a little less with OnCommand™ Service Partner. It’s our Peterson-provided maintenance repair program. When your truck goes in for service, we guarantee it receives expedited diagnostic service and accurate repair estimates.

    Benefits & Features:

    • A basic initial diagnostic advisory performed in hours versus days.
    • Consistent, accurate and detailed estimates as well as inspections and authorizations.
    • Guaranteed fixed, fair and consistent labor times on the most common repairs/maintenance operations.
    • Twelve-month warranty on all parts and labor.
    • Online portal for instant access to estimates, repair status updates, communication tools and labor-time directories.

      OnCommand™ Parts & Service


      While Your International Truck® can take almost anything the road throws at it, wear and tear does happen, and parts sometimes need to be replaced. When it does, you want to make sure your service technicians have access to the right parts, the ones specifically meant for your vehicle. OnCommand™ Parts Information is a customized home page that provides service technicians instant access to your trucks parts lists.

      Benefits & Features:

      • Complete vehicle line-set ticket information as it was originally ordered.
      • Figure, keyword, part number and visual search tools.
      • Access to All-Makes parts programs.
      • Cross-reference searches for vendor and OEM part numbers.
      • Create custom parts lists.
      • Check parts availability at the International parts distribution centers.
      • Documents and notes can be uploaded and attached to a specific VIN.


      OnCommand™ Service Information gives technicians access to the most up-to-date, VIN-based service and parts information. It’s a centralized source of essential service information to help improve vehicle repairs and maintenance, repair shop efficiency, technical knowledge and vehicle uptime. 

      Benefits & Features:

      • With a subscription, technicians can gain real-time, up-to-date VIN-based service and parts information for any International Truck.
      • Locate technical information by major component group, model, vendor, engine and feature code.
      • Service manuals and bulletins are illustrated and include repair, overhaul, troubleshooting tips and diagnostic information.
      • Documents and notes can easily be uploaded and attached per VIN.
      • The Service Tool catalog includes all essential tools for servicing International Trucks® and MaxxForce® engines.
      • Use the IKnow technical database to search service articles by entering symptom terms and/or descriptions.