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Be The Ultimate Technician

Your hands are the bridge between a break down and a profitable day. As a technician, you are a vital asset.You aren’t just repairing a truck. You’re mending the means of another man’s livelihood. Time is of the essence. And efficiently diagnosing the trucks in your shop plays a critical role in the pace of a project.

Talk the talk and draw solutions quicker than ever before with engine diagnostic software. Learn the severity of codes and fully utilize the benefits of a fault code action plan. For a more in depth look at the health of equipment, send oil samples to the Peterson Fluid Analysis Team.

A series of samples will swiftly identify potential problems early on, minimizing downtime for your customers and reducing the size of future maintenance. With the services of Peterson Trucks in your toolkit, it’s easy to tap into trouble shooting assistance, factory insights and other guidance on repairs.

Diamond Logic Builder: Cab Diagnostics

Control your cab. Whether the issue at hand is managing gauges, electrical issues or interlock features, the Diamond Logic Builder offers the power to control any and every aspect of your cab. Diagnose problems early on and repair.

Navistar Engine Diagnostics

Investing in engine diagnostics, saves more than just time and money. Navistar gives you the power to be aware of adversities, proactive with problems, and selfreliant in finding solutions. Troubleshoot engine faults, change basic engine parameters, and much more with Navistar Engine Diagnostics.

Fluid Analysis

Keep Your Fleet Running at Peak Efficiency

Monitor the health of your fleet with Peterson's Fluid Analysis Lab Program. Fluid Analysis can provide early detection of mechanical problems, avoiding costly failures and extending the life of your trucks. Regular oil and coolant testing are excellent tools to help detect impending system failures and ensure that your equipment is being protected.


Oil Analysis

Wear Rate Analysis

  • Identifies the type of wear metal elements present, reported as PPM (parts per million)
  • When samples are taken at regular intervals, these elements can be trended to often spot the onset of a progression towards premature wear or failure
  • Element combinations help pinpoint problem areas. These combinations aid in the identification of the source of excessive wear
  • Monitor environmental contaminants, such as silicon/sodium, that indicate dirt entry into the system
  • Lower your overall coefficient of wear, ultimately extending the life of your component

Oil Cleanliness Analysis

  • 70% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by some form of contaminant
  • Particle count analysis is used to detect metallic and non-metallic impurities in oil, such as friction disc material or contamination, which are otherwise undetectable
  • Combined with wear-rate analysis, this provides a more comprehensive evaluation of hydraulic and powertrain component health

Oil Condition Analysis

  • Determines lubrication properties of your oil
  • Infrared analysis is used to test for soot, sulphation, oxidation, and nitration, determines the extent of oil deterioration and if your oil is performing to spec

Detection of Fuel, Water, Glycerol

  • Fluid contaminants can degrade oil performance rapidly and are often signs of problems elsewhere that could require immediate attention


  • Is a measure of your oil's lubricity, or its ability to lubricate your truck's internal moving parts

Additional Tests

  • TAN (Total Acid Number): A measure of the buildup of acidic byproducts in your oil, which can lead to corrosion and premature wear of internal metallic components
  • TBN (Total Base Number): A measure of your oil's alkalinity reserve and its ability to neutralize acidic contaminants and prevent corrosion
  • Both TAN and TBN numbers can help to indicate when your oil should be changed

Coolant Analysis

An estimated 50% of all engine failures or poor performance incidents are associated with cooling system problems. For this reason, Peterson uses Caterpillar's S•O•S Coolant Analysis program. S•O•S Coolant Analysis is recommended for all cooling systems, regardless of the type of coolant used.

Coolant requirements for diesel engines are more severe than those of automotive engines. Diesel engines are designed to operate at higher temperatures and higher energy levels than engines in cars or small trucks. Today's heavy diesels produce a tremendous amount of power from a small package. This increases the requirements and demands placed on the cooling system.

How Can Peterson Trucks Help?

Peterson offers a two-level program that indicates a truck's overall cooling system condition and identifies issues with maintenance procedures and operational practices.

Level One: Basic Coolant Maintenance Check

  • Up to seven observational parameters and four analytical tests
  • Indicates major problems with coolant and predicts major system problems
  • Results can be used to determine if a Level Two analysis is required

Level Two: Comprehensive Cooling System Analysis

  • Extensive chemical evaluation of coolant and its effects on the system itself
  • Identifies subtle system problems, identifies causes, and prioritizes issues
  • Performed at Caterpillar labs in Peoria, Illinois

Coolant Analysis Can Save You Money

Used coolant disposal requirements have become more stringent and expensive. Fluid Analysis customers may extend their coolant drain intervals, or recycle or recondition their coolant, thereby reducing their disposal charges.

Our Laboratory

The Peterson Fluid Lab's interpretation of S•O•S and coolant analysis results are supported by nearly fifty years of database records and experience. Our knowledge of your trucks and their maintenance and operational procedures, combined with our technical expertise, significantly enhances our ability to provide you with sound preventative maintenance advice, not just numbers or graphs.

Abnormal results are automatically sent to product support personnel to advise you on the most appropriate course of action. We build historical data on your fleet as part of a fully-integrated repair and maintenance program.

Our knowledge of International trucks is unmatched, and our direct working relationship with International helps us solve virtually all mechanical issues. Our employees know trucks inside and out, including all the makes and models of your fleet. The resources and experience network available through our organization gives you a huge advantage with any truck in your fleet.

How can fluid analysis make a difference in your fleet?

Your trucks have been engineered to precise standards to ensure peak performance, and fluids are an important factor in this equation. Failed or worn parts can be analyzed to provide vital performance information, and fluids can tell a similar story. Help avoid large repair bills and costly downtime with Peterson's S•O•S and Coolant Analysis programs.

After processing, each report is carefully reviewed, the results explained, and (if required) recommendations are made. All of this is to ensure that Peterson Fluid Analysis is truly your value-added service.


OnCommand Education

OnCommand Education is a series of programs designed to teach fleet managers and service technicians how to properly operate, maintain and work with OnCommand for optimum uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Benefits & Features:

  • Unlimited number of students can be enrolled.
  • Student progress is tracked for all courses taken and completed.
  • Customer-designated administrators can access education records for all their students.
  • Managerial reports track students progress.
  • Certificates can be printed upon completion of courses.
  • Classes are available instantly online or at one of nine training centers in North America.

Peterson University

The Peterson Trucks headquarters in San Leandro is home to Peterson University, a state-of-the-art training facility with LCAT certification (Caterpillar's gold standard in technical training).  Not only do we offer bumper to taillight truck technician training, our courses on effective sales skills, public speaking, presentation skills, time management, and other administrative subjects can give your management and sales staff a competitive edge in the trucking industry.

Our experienced instructors, equipped with technologically advanced, smart classrooms and dedicated indoor training labs with the latest in tooling and equipment can give your employees the skills and knowledge to satisfy your customers and earn more profit.

To learn more about Peterson University or to register for classes, visit

Buy Parts Online


Peterson Trucks offers an online parts ordering solution through our Nexpart portal. Nexpart allows you to order quickly and easily over the Internet and have your parts shipped direct or to your nearest Peterson location.

With only a computer and Internet connection, you can enter part numbers or browse our online parts catalogs, stock check our inventory, and order your parts. One click places your order and prints an invoice. Your parts are pulled and delivered or placed in will call per your specifications as normal. There is no software to install or hardware to purchase.

Online access is available 24/7, allowing you to order parts at your convenience. Features like Interchange, Buyer's Guide, and Order History allow you to save time managing your account.


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