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The Durable International PayStar®

A work truck needs to be tough, and an extra-strong, single frame rail , 5-piece cross-member system, and Huck-bolted chassis components give the PayStar the toughest frame in the industry. Maintenance-free Huck-bolts that don't loosen mean a 40% greater clamping load than a standard grade 8-bolt, so the PayStar can handle the toughest jobs on the most severe worksites.

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  • For construction, government, oil field, and waste collection uses
  • MaxxForce 11L or 13L, 15L engine with ratings from 330 to 550 HP
  • 146” to 286” wheelbase
  • 12,000 to 23,000 lb. front axle capacity
  • 40,000 to 70,000 lb. rear axle capacity

Built for Massive Workloads

With up to 550 HP, up to 2,150 lb.-ft. of torque, and a standard 12.25" frame rail, the PayStar can handle payloads up to 150,000 GCWR. The tow pin, integrated into the front frame system, has a 150,000 lb. capacity. In short, the PayStar is built for the toughest jobs on your worksite.

International PayStar, Driver's Side View
International PayStar, Seats

MaxxForce® Diesel Engines

The International MaxxForce 11L, 13L Image PayStar is available with the MaxxForce 11, MaxxForce 13, or MaxxForce 15 diesel engine. For the toughest jobs, the MaxxForce 15 is built on a block and crankshaft combined with the fuel and air systems of the MaxxForce Advanced EGR system. This means that Bay Area operations get not only massive hauling power, but a turnkey emissions solution as well.



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