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The Maneuverable International TranStar®

Navigating city streets with a big haul can be a challenge, but the TranStar can make it easier. This tractor features a 40" set-back axle and a wheel cut of up to 50 degrees, giving it a turning radius up to 12' better than any truck in its class. Combine the power of a MaxxForce engine and best-in-class visibility with the shortest BBC in the industry, and you have a truck that will get your load to its destination quickly, conveniently, and safely.

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  • For beverage, liquid or dry bulk, and regional hauling uses
  • MaxxForce 11L or 13L engine with ratings from 330 to 410 HP
  • 136” to 270” wheelbase
  • 12,000 to 14,000 lb. front axle capacity
  • 23,000 to 40,000 lb. rear axle capacity

Fuel Efficiency

When wind resistance can eat into 50% of your fuel , it pays to be sleek. The TranStar takes aerodynamics to the extreme: from its sloped hood and elliptical-curved A-pillars to its set back axle with curved bumpers, the TranStar is designed to minimize wind resistance and maximize your profitability.

TranStar Steering Wheel
TranStar Seats Image

MaxxForce® 11 and MaxxForce 13 Big-Bore Diesel Engines

The TranStar is available with the MaxxForce 11 or the MaxxForce 13 big-bore diesel MaxxForce 11 13 Engine Image engines. With a 330 to 410 horsepower range and the capability of delivering a peak torque of 1,000 RPM, these amazingly quiet engines have a higher HP per pound than any other engine in their class.



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