*Class sizes are limited!

Dates and locations

  • Tuesday, March 13 in Santa Rosa
  • Wednesday, March 14 in San Martin
  • Thursday, March 15 in San Leandro

Price: $200 per student
Includes: class, certification (if needed), lunch and refreshments

Technicians are Frustrated!
With Modern Complicated Vehicle HVAC Systems.

  1. End result: “Higher HVAC Operating Cost per Vehicle.”
  2. Modern Vehicle HVAC Systems are constantly changing.
    • Changes take place during the same vehicle model year.
    • It is difficult to keep pace with all the changes even for the best HVAC Technicians.
    • Resulting in misdiagnosed and improperly repaired a/c systems.
  3. A/C problems increase vehicle down-time.
    • How many times have you heard Drivers complain? “A/C Not Working”
    • Technicians unsure if the complaint is a real problem or not.
    • Minimize, costly comebacks and vehicle down with up-to-date training for your Technicians.
  4. The prevention of one comeback is well worth the expense, time and effort of your technicians to attend training.
  5. How long does it take for your Technicians to be out-of-date? Not Long.

Class is for All Technicians
Beginner to Seasoned Technicians who work on vehicle HVAC Systems.

  1. This training is designed for Technicians to ask questions and get answers to their specific vehicle a/c problems.
    • Youou can submit your questions in advance of class to make sure we address your concerns.)
  2. Technicians will learn: Valuable diagnostic skills.
    • Techniques to troubleshoot and service each A/C component.
    • Quick-checks to determine system problems.
    • How to interpret gauge readings.
    • Learn what tools are necessary for servicing today's A/C systems.
    • Flushing a/c system components.
    • Causes of Compressor Failures.
      • Service procedures that destroy Compressors.
      • Verifying compressor oil charge.
    • A/C System Refrigerant, Electrical/Electronic Operation and Diagnostics.
  3. Good training reduces your Technicians frustrations and your company’s maintenance costs.
  4. 609 Refrigerant Certification Test and Update on HFO1234yf
    • For technicians needing refrigerant certification to work on vehicle a/c systems

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