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Understanding DPF

Tired of Not Understanding the DPF System on Your International?

By Eli Jimenez, Joe Junta, and Joshua Franklin


If you’re struggling to fully understand the functionality of your commercial vehicle’s DPF emissions control system, you are not alone. Today’s trucks are technological masterpieces, and much of the technology found in these vehicles is dedicated to running more efficiently with less pollution and better fuel economy. DPFs are one form of emissions control technology found in thousands of commercial trucks today, and in this short whitepaper, we will discuss the operation of the DPF, and how to properly react to dash warning lights when they appear.


Lowering Costs

By Customizing New Vehicle Purchases

By George Sharpe


The fleet is the backbone of any trucking operation, and a well-selected fleet is integral in maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry. A custom fleet can significantly increase value, efficiency, productivity, safety, longevity, and driver retention; and, because customization is often offered at little to no cost, there isn’t a good reason to forgo many of the options that truck manufacturers offer.


Driving Fuel Economy

Through Driver Training

By Tom Bagwell


It almost goes without saying that one of the greatest challenges facing a fleet manager today is dealing with the rising cost of fuel. Controlling fuel economy can be an elusive goal. Most of our fleets are already in place; aerodynamic design, tires,



Gaming Fuel Economy

Powered by The Great Game of Business MiniGame™ Methodology

By Tom Bagwell


Maximizing fuel economy in on-highway vehicles is one of the most obvious ways of increasing profitability for any trucking fleet. The challenge is that there are so many factors that influence fuel economy. From vehicle specifications, maintenance, load, traffic, weather (including wind), terrain, and of course, the driver – the number of variables can cause someone to say it is nearly impossible to single out an improvement and its impact on fuel economy. Countless